Hi and welcome to Smartipants!

My name is Jessica, also known as "mommy" to the 4 most important people in my life, my beautiful children. I have successfully cloth diapered each of them and I am the creator of the original one-size pocket diaper.

In 2002, I set out to finally find the perfect cloth diapers. I wanted convenient, easy to care for and comfortable diapers for my children. I had experienced both old fashioned and modern cloth diapers and of course the expense was a consideration. I loved the convenience of the one-size fitted diapers available and there was also a new type of diaper just coming out called "pocket diapers." Both concepts were great, and I chose pocket diapers. The diapers came in 5 different sizes and I knew I'd need 24-36 diapers in each size. This seemed to be a great idea, but still a very expensive one. One day my husband asked me why we couldn't just buy the one-size diapers in the pocket diaper style. The answer at the time was "because that doesn't exist." It wasn't long until I had created my own pattern and sewn my first one-size pocket diaper. I told my friends, and word spread, people loved them! That was how I invented the very first one-size pocket diapers and I called them Wonderoos. I proceeded to make and sell my diapers over the next few years. We sold them to other parents who ran baby stores and they made their way around the world. I decided after a few years of running Wonderoos that I wanted to devote more time to my young family, so I sold the design for Wonderoos to a lovely couple in England. I knew they would take good care of the diaper I had designed and the brand we had built.

I spent several years just being mommy again, but sitting on the sidelines watching the modernization of cloth diapers progress was hard for me. I knew I had more to offer, but I didn't know how I could share my ideas with the world again. Then I met the team at Smartipants. We shared some new ideas and we worked hard to develop a unique design for a brand new diaper. I was able to address issues I had experienced and those experienced by other cloth diapering moms. First, I knew I didn't like pulling wet or dirty inserts out of the diapers. I wanted a cleaner system and the convenience of an all-in-one diaper where the inserts would simply come out of the diaper in the laundering process. I'd get the best of both worlds with a diaper that could get really clean, but was easy to use as well. I also wanted a diaper that would not leak. I wanted a trim fit without sacrificing absorbency. I also wanted the ability to customize the level of absorbency for my baby during the day and the night. I still loved the idea of keeping my baby's skin dry too. Smartipants is the true evolution of the modern cloth diaper. It is all of these things and more. Economical, environmentally friendly, easy to care for and very convenient! It has been my pleasure to share my designs with other parents like me who benefit from their unique features. It brings me great joy to share with you Smartipants... they're smarter than your average diaper!