As the inventor of the one sized pocket diaper, we have spent years developing and refining our designs in order to give our customers a chance to buy the best cloth diapers on the market. Our diapers are smart for your baby, smart for your wallet, and smart for your environment. Our popular Smartipants One Size diapers are designed to be easy to use, easy to care for, and are affordable. Our cloth diapers are made right here in the USA! You can meet the designer and learn more about how and why she developed smartipants  here . Be sure to check out our Smart Fit Diaper Cover . This is the most versatile diaper cover in the industry. You can watch this video on the Smart Fit Diaper Cover here to find out why it is so unique. Our Little Smarti Newborn Diaper is made to fit those babies who are just not ready to use our one sized products. They are very user friendly, and easy to care for. We also offer a number of smart tote bagssmart tote pails smart sleeve inserts, and accessories. You can buy all cloth diapers, diaper covers and accessories online and save some bucks! By subscribing to our newsletter.
All of our products come with the Smartipants  30 Day Risk Free Guarantee!  Please feel free to explore our website and learn why our products are so smart and so advanced we have to call them Smartipants!
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Hi and welcome to Smartipants!

My name is Jessica, also known as "mommy" to the 4 most important people in my life, my beautiful children. I have successfully cloth diapered each of them and I am the creator of the original one-size pocket diaper.

In 2002, I set out to finally find the perfect cloth diapers. I wanted convenient, easy to care for and comfortable diapers for my children. I had experienced both old fashioned and modern cloth diapers and of course the expense was a consideration. I loved the convenience of the one-size fitted diapers available and there was also a new type of diaper just coming out called "pocket diapers." read more >>